Glennon: U.S. President Cannot Ignore Senate Treaty Authority

April 22, 2015

Tufts Professor Michael Glennon argues that the U.S. President cannot merely cite efficiency or convenience as reasons for sidestepping the Senate on international agreements that should be subject to the body's "advice and consent" under the Constitution's Treaty Clause.

UN Rights Chief Condemns EU Migration Policies

April 21, 2015

Following the recent capsizing of a boat carrying migrants across the Mediterranean Sea, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein criticized the EU's limited search-and-rescue efforts, justified as not encouraging unsafe crossings, as "a monumental failure of compassion."

UN Officials Criticize Military-Based Counterterrorism Approach

April 17, 2015

Two UN Special Rapporteurs have issued a press release calling on countries to "re-think" approaches to counterterrorism based on law enforcement and military responses in favor of a human rights-based approach that confronts non-religious causes of terrorism.

Ericsson Adopts NGO Human Rights Reporting Framework

April 15, 2015

A "Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report" from communications company Ericsson claims to be the first such report in its sector to follow the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, created by the nongovernmental organization ("NGO") Shift and Mazars to push corporate human rights reporting.


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  • Activist Criticizes EU for Opposition to UN Tax Body

    April 22, 2015

    In The Guardian, Tove Maria Ryding of the European Network on Debt and Development criticizes the EU for opposing calls from developing countries for a UN intergovernmental tax body that would give these countries a strong negotiating position on international tax and development standards.

  • UN Pushes Energy Inclusion in Development Goals

    April 22, 2015

    Demonstrating why some are concerned the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to be adopted later this year, are too ubiquitous to succeed, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson has identified the inclusion of goals seeking large increases in energy efficiency and renewable energy as "clear and critical."

  • Panel Calls for UN Treaty on Security Contractors

    April 22, 2015

    In the wake of the trial of Blackwater security personnel for the killing of Iraqi civilians in 2007, the UN working group on the use of mercenaries welcomed the conviction of the personnel and called for an international treaty body in the UN system to examine the use of private security contractors.

  • AI Publishes Comprehensive NAP Proposal for U.S.

    April 22, 2015

    Amnesty International ("AI") has published a comprehensive proposal for a U.S. National Action Plan ("NAP") on business and human rights ("BHR"), calling for corporate due diligence requirements, removal of obstacles to extraterritorial liability, and U.S. participation in the formation of a binding BHR treaty.

  • Letter: U.S. Should Require Business Climate Reporting

    April 22, 2015

    Reflecting pressure from activist groups to divest from fossil fuels, a letter from a group of institutional investors has called on the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Mary Jo White to require energy companies to report the impact of climate change on their business models.

  • UN Pushes Sustainability Agenda Among Gulf Businesses

    April 22, 2015

    The UN Global Compact ("UNGC") and the nongovernmental organization The Pearl Initiative recently held an event in Dubai seeking to press businesses in the Gulf Region to join the UNGC and promote the organization's global sustainability agenda.

  • EU Considers Regulator for Internet Giants

    April 24, 2015

    The International Business Times reports that the office of the EU Digital Commissioner is considering the creation of a powerful regulatory body that would oversee operations of large internet technology companies, such as American companies Google and Facebook, in Europe.

  • Official Investigates Secrecy in EU Lawmaking

    April 24, 2015

    As the EU faces complaints of a "democratic deficit" between the people and the bloc's institutions, EUobserver reports that the office of the European Ombudsman has announced investigations into nontransparent lawmaking among the EU Commission, Parliament, and Council.

  • NGO Takes U.K. to Court over EU Air Directive

    April 17, 2015

    The Evening Standard reports that the U.K. Supreme Court is hearing a case brought by the nongovernmental organization ("NGO") ClientEarth seeking a ruling to require the British Government to comply with rules under the EU Air Quality Directive by reducing air pollution.

  • Turkey's Government Uses Armenian Genocide Centennial to Consolidate Islamist Credentials

    April 22, 2015

    Turkey's Islamist government is using a combination of threats against NATO allies and accusations of Western Islamophobia to politicize global remembrance events of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, part of the broader effort by Turkey's President and Prime Minister to consolidate domestic power behind the ruling Islamist party and to expand Turkey's claims to global status as protector of the Muslims worldwide.

  • OIC Looks to Expand Relationship with Philippines

    April 22, 2015

    An official leadership delegation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") concluded a recent visit to the Philippines, centered on efforts to restart stalled peace negotiations between the government in Manila and pro-autonomy Islamic guerrilla groups in the country, and the OIC leadership announced the possibility of expanding relations with the Philippines by granting the government observer status in the 57-member-state organization.

  • Saudi Elites Frame War in Yemen in Terms of Islamic History and Islamist Struggles

    April 22, 2015

    Saudi Arabia's political, intellectual, and religious elites tend to concur on the Saudi-led military coalition against the Houthi rebel militias who have captured Yemen's capital, framing the air war as a necessary step to protect Sunni Islamic orthodoxy against advances by Iranian-backed Shiite heterodoxy.